daily365: Blocks

•February 10, 2010 • Leave a Comment

daily365: Blocks, originally uploaded by @muntz.

daily365:038 is a quick digital painting. I really need to work on these during the day.


daily365: Icicle

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daily365: Icicle, originally uploaded by @muntz.

Found this icicle that was broken from a vehicle, but still frozen to the ice and still standing. This is 037 in my daily365. The photo was processed in Format126 and Photoshop Mobile.

daily365: It’s the Chili Dog?

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daily365: It’s the Chili Dog?, originally uploaded by @muntz.

Haha! That’s totally what my brother said when I told him that 036 would be the chili dog pic. Mmm…enjoy. The pic was processed in CameraBag and Photoshop Mobile.

daily365: The Blob

•February 6, 2010 • 1 Comment

daily365: The Blob, originally uploaded by @muntz.

035 of my daily365 started with a sketch in Sketchbook Mobile. I painted in a layer undeneath the sketch. I tried to use a more common painting technique, using only one layer and building my image from the background colors forward. This little monster is inspired by Bob for Monsters vs Aliens.

daily365: My Evening

•February 5, 2010 • 1 Comment

daily365: My Evening, originally uploaded by @muntz.

034 is a quick photo of my evening. Captain Morgan Private Stock and live TV. A little processing in Mill Colour, Photoshop Mobile & CinemaFX.

daily365: Colors Are Streaming

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daily365: Colors Are Streaming, originally uploaded by @muntz.

Another digital painting in Sketchbook Mobile. It’s been the easiest solution when I plop in bed. I’ve been wanting to use this title for a few days, and I finally had a solution that worked.

daily365: Pi

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daily365: Pi, originally uploaded by @muntz.

032 is a digital painting of a pi character. Painted in Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile.