So a little about me.

I’m a designer. I love art and all that it represents. I work for a church, so my design is utilized in sharing the greatest and most important message ever. No pressure. I believe that design and art in general should frequently, if not always, be used when communicating the Gospel.

I’m a husband. In 2002, I married my beautiful wife. She’s the most important person in my life, and my favorite thing. It’s been an adventure and always fun being married to her.

I’m a dad. In 2007 God put a third calling on my life. I am to be the best darn dad to my little boy as I possibly can. I feel I fall short in this frequently, but that sweet little boy always forgives me, and always loves me. He is my second favorite thing.

I waiver frequently on the “I love my job” statement. Working in a church has it’s issues, but can also be a tremendous blessing.

Recently, God put some weird ideas in my head about “the little things”. That is, every little thing we do, whether a smile, a word or a gift, matters. In fact, it matters far more than we think or we know. I will elaborate this more in time.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. I wonder if we’re related? Alway’s interested in connecting with distant family

    (and my other site is http://www.liefdephotography.com)

    Take Care


    • haha! sorry brian, but muntz isn’t anywhere in my family. the name came from a friend’s daughter. she was unable to say “mitch” so she called me “muntz”. it kind of stuck.

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