Need an opinion…

I thought this the other day.

The job of communications is not to kill ideas (in order to safeguard the mission), but to facilitate ideas and align them with the vision.

What do you think? Should this be phrased differently?


~ by mitchbolton on June 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “Need an opinion…”

  1. I think you’re thought is right on, and too often not what happens. It’s easy to become emotionally connected to our work and we fight for the work instead of the vision.

  2. ditto.

    that’s a great one-liner.

  3. I think alignment with the vision is key, especially in communications. Ideas are great but little good if not brought into alignment with the overall vision. So the wonderful job of the church communications dept. is to like you said facilitate the sharing and adaptation of “keepable” ideas. Ideas that ultimately are empowered by the overall vision will have momentum from leadership and succeed in the long-term, keeping in mind not all “good ideas” are meant to survive in every environment…

  4. i agree with you Mitch (so weird typing that); not all ideas are “keepable”. but i don’t think it’s necessarily the communications department’s job to kill those ideas. i would extend that as far as watching our responses to them, so we’re not discouraging.

    just thinking about how our department works, i’m sick of being the place that kills innovation and ideas. i don’t want to be that guy. you know?

    i guess that this needs to be read in the context that i understand protecting the vision is important. i come back to something scott hodge said, “it’s the job of the entire staff to guard the vision.”

    • yeah, totally agree! I think a great communication/media team can take ideas to the next level (even ideas that aren’t their own). Your statement being motivated out of the desire to tear down silos and foster collaboration is spot on and a tension our teams would do good to live with…

  5. mitch, i love ur work. i’ve been following for two years after finding you on a google search. i run an event for creatives called story in chicago – Would luv to connect over email or phone sometime if you’re interested.

  6. @ben: absolutely. i’ll dm you my contact info.

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