daily365: Book Cover Design

daily365: Book Cover Design, originally uploaded by @muntz.

039 is a project a friend asked me to do. He’s producing a Kindle book and I got to build the cover for it. It’s not my first book cover design, but my first for the Kindle. Does it need anything?

The Kindle app for the iPhone is color, but I the standard Kindle is black and white, so I’ve dropped both options here.


~ by mitchbolton on February 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “daily365: Book Cover Design”

  1. I really like it the way it is.

  2. Hi! I love the color one! Could you use them both for the kindle version? I think adding the version of the Bible this reference is for would be useful (ESV, KJV, ISV, etc) because people like to know what version they are getting. All if it is a reference for all, perhaps it could say that too… But the color on is so much richer! and it has a nice contrast!

  3. The suggestion to include the reference(s) might be worth exploring!
    The fully justified author’s name seems cliche (which, in the publishing business, probably means it’s perfect).
    Have you seen how the gradient displays on the Kindle or iPhone? I’m wondering if banding is going to be a problem…
    Nice job placing the bar in relation to the photo. I don’t see any points of visual tension.

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