Discipline Star Chart

So, last weekend, my almost three year old decided it would be a good idea to beat the screen on our tv with his toy mop. Yeah, let that sink in a bit.

There was immediate discipline. It may have been a little overboard, but we didn’t know what else to do at the time. Lucky for my boy, the tv wasn’t damaged and all the scuffs wiped off (thank you Samsung). A quick spanking and a timeout just didn’t feel like it was enough, so my wife and I discussed another option.

We chose to ground a three year old from tv and video games (he likes to watch us play Mario Kart) for one week. We told him what the discipline would be; that he can’t watch any movies (or shows) for seven days. As any three year old would, he completely forgot about it after 20 minutes. The wife and I had to tell him constantly that he couldn’t watch a movie, and he couldn’t play Mario Kart.

After the first five times, we decided he needed a visual to help him keep track of how long it would be before he could have this sort of fun again. That’s where this star chart idea came up.

We sketched out seven days in his big drawing pad and hung it up on the fridge. We colored in the first star and told him he’d get one more each day.

Tonight, we colored in the last star. He can watch movies starting tomorrow. The boy seems to have taken to it pretty well. He can tell us (and everyone else he sees) what happened (“I bammed the tv wiff my mop”) and that he can’t play Mario Kart or watch movies for 1 week.

If you haven’t utilized something like this when grounding a preschooler, you might give it a shot.

daily365:022 Star Chart

I’m also using this photo as my daily365:022. We drew in the last star tonight, and I took this photo when we were done. I’m loving the gritty, dusty crayon marks.

Oh, and by the way, the mop is in the trash.


~ by mitchbolton on January 23, 2010.

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