The New Role of Design

I heart TED. The talks can be really off-the-wall or really stale. Every now and then, I get a nugget like this one that challenges how I think.

Here are a few of the nuggets that jumped out at me:

  • Design was just a part of the process. More than changing the look, they worked to improve the product.
  • They adjusted the content accordingly. Making a newspaper people wanted to read, not one that just looked pretty.
  • The new role of the designer is from the very beginning to the very end. Give power to the designer.
  • You can live in a small, poor country; work for a small company; in a boring branch; with no budget and no people, but you can still put your work to the highest possible level. All you need is inspiration, vision and determination.
  • To be good is not enough.

Design carries a new role in today’s world. It needs to be considered at the beginning of, and all throughout, the project. The designer has a perspective that can help your product or message matter to people.That’s our new job, and we need to be ready to embrace it.

Design means more than making something pretty. It means making a product that matters. It’s structuring a magazine or a device so it meets a need. It’s asking questions that aren’t normally asked, and challenging the status quo. Who else but a designer would do that?

No matter where you are, you can do it. All that’s needed is inspiration, vision and determination. However, you must work at your highest level, because if it’s just good (or even really good), it won’t be good enough.

What are your thoughts? Has the role of design changed in the world? Does design at the beginning of the process yield a better end result?


~ by mitchbolton on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “The New Role of Design”

  1. just stumbled across your “Oscar-Serock” flickr post – really great work! I am thrilled that guys with your talent are putting them to use for the grace & passion of the Kingdom! BTW – I heart TED as well; I’m a bit of a Seth Godin groupie (pains me to admit to being ANY “groupie”). Blessings!!!

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