Life Hacking

Amazing how life change causes us to re-evaluate our priorities. The bigger the change, the more evaluation is needed. Having a baby (another one) is one of the biggest.

During my time off with Toby, the stress of my life began to bury me. The stress of the birth process, the erratic sleep patterns, the added time and financial stressors. They all weighed on me. Then the weight of what needed to get done back at work hit me, not to mention the outstanding side projects. It was all too much.

While I wasn’t sleeping one night, God revealed this to me: I’m spread too thin. I can’t do it all or carry it all.

My own desires, dreams and plans had allowed me to take on too much junk. So much of what I wanted, left no room for what God wanted for me.

I dream of being an art director. I want influence and final decision power on artwork. I’m a gifted artist, and my talent shines when I clean up other people’s work. I struggle with the initial concepts, but when it’s rolling, my skill allows for really good stuff. Maybe I don’t know enough about the position, but I think I would excel in that role, and that’s where I dream of being.

Part of that role would be to mentor and guide newer designers. I love the idea of teaching design, and sharing what I’ve learned (hence the blog).

Influence and mentoring. Those are what my heart wants. That night with God, he opened my eyes and now that I finally see what he’s given me. I have influence in my children. I was asking for more, so God gave me another child (seems like a no-brainer, but I can be dense). Part of being a father is also mentoring your children; teaching them and guiding them so they’ll make wise decisions.

Six months ago, I was invited to be a moderator in the Church Marketing Lab. The job description there pretty much reads as being a mentor to any new designers that roll in. It wasn’t until that night with God that it finally clicked, this is another way that God is blessing me with what I’ve asked for.

With all that revealed, I can begin to hack away at the excess in my life, allowing me to focus on God’s plan and purpose. I’m stopping all of my side work, since it doesn’t add to what God has called me to. I’m cutting out some volunteer gigs at the church because they’re too demanding of my weekends. I need to disconnect every night (and at least one weekend day) for family time. This blog shouldn’t be a burden or stressor either. Essentially, I should focus on the three things God has called me to; my family, my job, and leading other designers.

Review your life. Consider what you’ve been asking God for recently. Has he already given it to you and you just didn’t notice? Is he calling you to start hacking away parts of your life so you’re free to live intentionally in his purpose? How?


~ by mitchbolton on April 20, 2009.

One Response to “Life Hacking”

  1. I found you blog by way of a tutorial you posted on The Church Marketing Lab. Excellent design work I must say.

    As for your life’s dilemma, I truly understand your stress of a life spread too thin. Wonderful that you knew Who your primary source of guidance should be.

    Streamlining your life can be a little scary at first, but when you start to breathe easier, you’ll thank yourself for making the decision to give focus on what matters most and what you can do well.

    Congrats on the birth of your cherubs. Enjoy every second because it goes by so fast. Blessings.

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