Father’s Day Ripples

Today is my second Father’s Day with Jack, and I find myself at work. Well, not really “work” per se. I’m volunteering at all of our services this weekend as stage manager. During the message in the 9:00 service, I had the opportunity to join the worship team for communion

One of the singers, Matt Keane, delivered a devotional on legacy. He had written it two years ago when Tiger Wood’s father, Earl, had died. The devotional was his thoughts on Tiger’s relationship with his dad, and the legacy that was left through Tiger.

This resonated with my thoughts on ripples and living intentionally. It started me thinking about my ripples in the most immediate of environments; my family.

My legacy with Jack, and the new one on the way, is directly connected to all of my actions. Even the smallest of them. Jack watches and imitates almost everything I do. Two days ago, I was sitting on the coffee table (it had been moved into a corner). Jack walked over and wanted up. He didn’t want to be in my lap. He wanted to sit on the coffee table, just like I was, right next to me. The influence I have in my child’s (soon to be children’s) is a sobering revelation.

Every small thing I do; every word, smile, hug and mistake, Jack will likely try to duplicate. How important it is that I watch and think about every action before I do it.

If I perform the actions motivated by God, the impact in my child’s life (and beyond) will change this world. That’s my Father’s Day lesson this year.

I see three stages to living intentionally: awareness of your actions and their importance; choosing actions based on the impact/ripple; letting God motivate your actions.


~ by mitchbolton on June 15, 2008.

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