maybe the “branding” of your ministry doesn’t matter to God.

Whoa. That’s harsh, right?

I’m not saying the ministry doesn’t matter to God, just the branding; the look. Won’t God work the same way in your ministry even if it doesn’t have a pretty picture to go with it?

Recently Tony Morgan blogged about why our branding sucks. He talked about how creating individual brands for individual ministries causes them to compete against each other for attention. This statement jumped out at me:

…people don’t attend ministry programs or events because of slick promotions. They attend ministry programs and events because those events add value to their lives.

This ties in to what Seth Godin harps about so frequently, the Purple Cow or the concept of being remarkable (i.e. worth making a remark about). This is what we’ve begun to explain to our ministry leads. It’s not postcards, mailers, or even pretty pictures. What brings people into the ministry or the event is that they think the event will add value to their lives.

It’s food for thought. I’d say all ministry leaders should ask themselves, “does God care about the branding of my ministry?”

What do you think?


~ by mitchbolton on April 14, 2008.

One Response to “maybe the “branding” of your ministry doesn’t matter to God.”

  1. Well howdy-hey, neighbor! Happy to have run into you again.

    You’re onto something profound in this post. I think that – at some level – the “branding” issue is just a micro sliver of the macro issue of program-focused churches vs. those built on more dynamic models.

    For example, Natalie and I have gone to Cherry Hills Community Church for almost 10 years now. It’s a nifty place. We love it. It’s also got every facet of ministry that defines a megachurch – both the bugs, and the features. Ultimately, no matter how slick the production values, collateral materials, or program plans, people will make the decision to stay or go based on the degree to which the presence of Jesus is detectable on a Sunday-to-Sunday basis. It sounds so brain-meltingly simple, but – between the megachurch experience at CHCC, and the experience we’ve had at a tiny, predominantly Chinese church we’ve been visiting of late, that’s what it boils down to; do we see Jesus there, or not? If the branding doesn’t assist in answering that particular question, it’s probably not as relevant as we think.

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